The Norah Dress Pattern Tour

When Hayley from Welcome to the Mouse House asked me to participate in her Norah Dress pattern tour, I was powerless to resist.  That collar!  I have a real weakness for patterns with a vintage vibe, and this one really hit the spot.  Plus, I love any pattern with a classic, simple shape.  This is a dress that will never go out of style.

Of course, the collar is the real show-stopper.  A cinched peter pan with ties?  I die.  When I was cutting the collar pattern piece, the scraps seemed like they would be just the perfect size and shape for a few pockets.  They are a bit tight up top, but Ruby can still get her hands inside, and the first thing she did was start loading them with treasures.  Plus, the pockets were a way for me to add more pink (at her request).

Fabrics used:  main print - Emily Herrick Technicolor in Kryptonite, collar - Essex Yarn Dyed Linen in black, lining - Kona Cotton (not sure of the color).

Ruby approved.

Until our little photo bomber came along.  Oh sure, it was funny at first, but then baby sister tried to steal too much of Ruby's thunder.  "These pictures are just of ME!" she said.

It wouldn't be a photo shoot without a few tears, right?

No tears were shed about the Norah Dress though.  It was a real winner.  I can't wait to sew up more versions for my girls (it works for knits, too!) ... let's just say I plan to copy Simple Simon's perfect yellow Norah tunic pretty much point by point.

Thanks, Hayley, for including me in your first pattern tour!  I'm a fan.  

Make a stop at all the blogs on the pattern tour, so you don't miss any of the wonderful versions of this pattern!


Oiane Niebla said...

So cute! And your girl is adorable!!

Welcome to the Mouse House said...

Thank you SO much for joining in on my tour... your dress (and daughter) is so cute and I love that fabric! Thanks again Jill!

Charity said...

This dress is darling. I already loved the collar, but seeing it in that Essex Yarn Dyed Linen makes me love it even more.
Ruby is even cute when she is crying! =)

Susie Q said...

Love the dress, Jill - great job! But what I really love are those two cutie patootie girls of yours! Too cute! And I always love a photo bomber! ;-)
Happy Holidays to you all!

Simple Simon and Company said...

LOVE your version......and I pretty much want to steal it!

Jess@craftiness is not optional said...

I don't know what's cuter-the dress or the pouty face! We get the same face lately with Charlotte, lol! I love love love the colors and the pockets you added. So cute, Jill!

Emily Calvin said... to see your lovely post on web. Your baby is quite adorable as well as you. Nice way to express your feelings. Love to see your next post.

Irēna said...

So beautiful dress!!

lucie grandgirard said...

really really nice!

Alana Shaikh said...

So beautiful dress and soooo quite

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Troden Dench said...

Great gift ideas here :) hope you like them

Luxury Flats Lady said...

So cute, I really like that dress!

Emily Alyn said...

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